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Nearby - Points of interest

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Druise waterfall

The Druise waterfall, an impressive 72 meter high waterfall, is undoubtedly one of the most...

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the clap of Luc en diois

Two kilometers south of LUC EN DIOIS, in the direction of the Col de Cabre, visitors can only be...

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the Cave of Choranche

Small and large will leave this visit amazed. Nestled in the exuberant nature of the Choranche...

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Royans Vercors wheel boat

Embark on a journey along the waters of the La Bourne and Isère rivers in a round trip or a one-way...

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The petrifying fountains

This visit will enchant us. For almost a thousand years, mysterious sources have embellished the...


The Clairette de Die

With its two thousand years of age, Clairette de Die is a natural sparkling wine surrounded by a...

Parcs - promenades

Vercors natural park

the Vercors Regional Natural Park is about walking, skiing, cycling, caressing the surface or...


The Cirque d'Archiane

Archiane is a picturesque hamlet nestled in the hollow of a circus. It is a gateway to the Hauts...

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Borne's Lollipops

These tapered rocks were the source of loose sediment layers in a warm Cretaceous sea 120 million...

Jeux - Parcs à thèmes

The garden of discoveries

The Discovery Garden is a breeding farm and an observation center where hundreds of exotic...

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The Combeau valley and the Montagnette

This hike is within the reach of any hiker and I suggest you do it during the day taking the time...

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Tune of the Varaime

La Tune is a local appellation for a cave. It opens at 1400m above sea level, at the foot of the...

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